Step-by-Step Guide to access the Live Streaming Sessions

For the best experience, please use a laptop/desktop and access using Google Chrome.

Step 1: Login via event website

Step 2: Go to the agenda item

  • Click «Agenda» to see your program
  • Click on the agenda item
  • Scroll down, past the speakers and session's description
  • Click on «Access Streaming» to enter the session
    • «Access Streaming» Button will be available 15-20 min prior the live. If you do not see the stream button if you were connected early, refresh the page.

Step 3: Watch the live session

  • (1) If you can't hear any audio or if the volume is too loud, please adjust your volume here.
  • (2) Your internet connection will automatically detect the best video quality according to your internet speed. If you would like to increase your video quality, you can adjust your resolution up to 720p.
  • (3) For best viewing experience, please click on the 'full screen' button.
  • (4) You can type your question here and click on submit it
  • (5) For best viewing experience, please click on the blue arrow to hide the "ask your question here" box